Frank J Rühli

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Calcified dental plaque (dental calculus) preserves for millennia and entraps biomolecules from all domains of life and viruses. We report the first, to our knowledge, high-resolution taxonomic and protein functional characterization of the ancient oral microbiome and demonstrate that the oral cavity has long served as a reservoir for bacteria implicated in(More)
The foramen magnum is an important landmark of the skull base and is of particular interest for anthropology, anatomy, forensic medicine, and other medical fields. Despite its importance, few osteometric studies of the foramen magnum have been published so far. A total of 110 transverse and 111 sagittal diameters from Central European male and female dry(More)
There is a plethora of published scientific studies on ancient Egyptian mummies. Surprisingly, hitherto there is no systematic review of this research, which would help to assess the quality of this vast body of published literature and thus to increase "evidence" in palaeopathological research. The aim of this study was to review all PubMed-listed(More)
Milk is a major food of global economic importance, and its consumption is regarded as a classic example of gene-culture evolution. Humans have exploited animal milk as a food resource for at least 8500 years, but the origins, spread, and scale of dairying remain poorly understood. Indirect lines of evidence, such as lipid isotopic ratios of pottery(More)
Cases of pathologically changed bone might constitute a diagnostic pitfall and frequently need histological methods to be etiologically properly evaluated. With micro-computed tomography (microCT), a new epoch of 2D and 3D imaging has been launched. We evaluated the diagnostic investigation of this analytical method versus well established histological(More)
The impact of aging on the morphology of the osseous spine is still debated. Clinical studies usually record combined aging effects, as well as age-related degenerative changes. The aim of this study was to determine the impact of (degeneration-independent) aging on the morphology of the osseous human spine during adulthood. Various osseous dimensions of(More)
Most of the clinical studies report the incidence of tarsal coalitions (TC) as less than 1% but they disregard the asymptomatic coalitions. TC have been associated with degenerative arthritic changes. After X-rays, computer tomography (CT) is the most commonly used diagnostic test in the detection of TC. The aims of our study were to establish the incidence(More)
QUESTION UNDER STUDY We determine the causes of secular changes in the average height of the male Swiss population for the first time by analysing an unbiased, individually measured, highly representative height-data sample of 18- and 19-year-old Swiss conscripts (N = 458,322) at the national level spanning the years 1992 to 2009. Furthermore, we add(More)
BACKGROUND During the last 10 years, skeletal robustness in children has generally decreased. The reasons for this phenomenon, as well as its outcomes, are undetermined so far. AIM The present study explores the association between anthropometric skeletal measurements, bone quality measurements, and physical activity in young adults. SUBJECTS AND(More)
Ruminant milk and dairy products are important food resources in many European, African, and Middle Eastern societies. These regions are also associated with derived genetic variants for lactase persistence. In mammals, lactase, the enzyme that hydrolyzes the milk sugar lactose, is normally down-regulated after weaning, but at least five human populations(More)