Frank J Prendergast

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This article briefly reviews the histological evidence for the genesis of intimal hyperplasia and atherosclerosis in arteries. It concentrates upon the origin, structure and behaviour of vascular smooth muscle cells in the intimal (subendothelial) layer. The interactions between these intimal muscle cells, the endothelium and the blood are discussed with(More)
This article reviews the proliferative, structural and synthetic behaviour of vascular smooth muscle cells under a variety of conditions. It shows how some experimental procedures produce dramatic increases in smooth muscle cell proliferation and, in many cases, subsequent cell migration to the intimal layer. Possible control mechanisms influencing changes(More)
Vein grafts were studied in rats using the incompatible DA and Lewis inbred strains. Allografts were performed in the Lewis-to-DA and DA-to-Lewis combinations with Lewis-to-Lewis isografts serving as controls. A 5 mm segment of iliolumbar vein was placed into a defect in the iliac artery, using micro-surgical techniques. Histological studies of the grafts(More)
This study was designed to quantitate the vasa vasorum of common iliac arteries in 20 rats. The number of vasa vasorum per mm2 of arterial wall was extremely variable - from 0 to 124, the mean being 33 . 95 +/- 29 . 86 (S.D.). There was no significant difference in the vasa vasorum vascularity between the right and left common iliac arteries. The mean wall(More)
This article reviews the success of vein-to-artery grafts and the published data on patency rates and the major causes for graft failure, ie, intimal hyperplasia and atherosclerosis. It concentrates on the histogenesis of intimal hyperplasia and describes the histologic changes that occur in a vein graft after its insertion. The origin and behavior of(More)
BACKGROUND The authors' experience of the efficacy and safety of endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy in the treatment of primary palmer hyperhidrosis was examined. METHODS A retrospective study of 71 patients (126 sympathectomies) was undertaken. Data were retrieved by hospital records and telephone interview. RESULTS Follow-up was possible for 92(More)
Iliolumbar vein to iliac artery grafts were placed in 40 rats by microsurgical technique. Groups of animals were perfused with fixative at eight intervals between one and 20 weeks after operation, and sections of the graft and control arteries (the opposite iliacs) were analyzed microscopically. The revascularization of the graft by capillaries commenced(More)
A series of 14 vein-to-artery grafts, 1 mm in diameter and 5 mm long, were inserted microsurgically into iliac arteries of rats. They were analysed histologically 8-18 months later and compared with control iliac arteries in the same rats. Neo-intimal hyperplasia developed and was measured in all grafts but the values did not significantly exceed the(More)