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This paper presents the Kiel Curry System (KiCS) for the lazy functional logic language Curry. Its main features beyond other Curry implementations are: flexible search control by means of search trees, referentially transparent encapsulation and sharing across nondeterminism.
Declarative multi-paradigm languages combine the most important features of functional, logic and concurrent programming. The computational model of such integrated languages is usually based on a combination of two different operational principles: narrowing and residuation. This work is motivated by the fact that a precise definition of an operational(More)
Assertions test expected properties of run-time values without disrupting the normal computation of a program. We present a library for enriching Haskell programs with assertions. Expected properties can be specified in a parser-combinator like language. The assertions are lazy: they do not force evaluation but only examine what is evaluated by the program.(More)
The DARPA Agent Markup Language ontology for Services (DAML-S) enables the description of Web-based services, such that they can be discovered, accessed and composed dynamically by intelligent software agents and other Web services, thereby facilitating the coordination between distributed, heterogeneous systems on the Web. We propose a formalised syntax(More)
We present an extension of the lazy functional programming language Haskell for distributed programming. This extension is motivated by the untyped eager functional language Erlang, which is successfully used in the development of distributed systems. The communication between processes is based on asynchronous message passing and a comfortable access to(More)
One of the key features of the integration of functional and logic languages is the access to non-deterministic computations from the functional part of the program. In order to ensure the determinism of top-level computations in a functional logic program, which is usually a monadic sequence of I/O operations, one has to encapsulate the non-determinism(More)