Frank Houghton

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OBJECTIVE To assess the level of care given to people with diabetes by general practitioners and factors affecting it. METHODS A cross-sectional study of Irish general practitioners, looking at practice characteristics and patient care over the previous 2 years; a nationally representative sample of 27 general practitioners. A total of 1030 people with(More)
AIM To assess the impact of the Buteyko Breathing Technique (BBT) on medication use in asthma. METHODS A blinded randomised controlled trial comparing BBT with control was conducted in 38 people with asthma aged between 18 and 70. Participants were followed for six months following the intervention. Medication use and indices of ventilatory function were(More)
As a result of community concerns over animal and human ill health centred around a rural town in the Republic of Ireland, a series of epidemiological studies were conducted. The absence of adequate health-information systems forced researchers to investigate alternative methods of assessing child health in the 'at-risk' area. This study aimed to examine(More)
Two types of cemeteries occur at Punic Carthage and other Carthaginian settlements: one centrally situated housing the remains of older children through adults, and another at the periphery of the settlement (the "Tophet") yielding small urns containing the cremated skeletal remains of very young animals and humans, sometimes comingled. Although the absence(More)
OBJECTIVES Examined children's awareness of sport sponsorship in Ireland, focussing on the 2008 European Rugby Cup win by Munster Rugby. METHODS Following the Munster Rugby win in 2008, a cross-sectional sample of 1,175 children (7-13 years) in 11 National Schools in Ireland were asked which company sponsored "the cup that Munster won" and were then asked(More)