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The split pickup split delivery crude oil tanker routing and scheduling problem is a difficult combinatorial optimization problem, both theoretically and practically. However, because of the large expenses in crude oil shipping it is attractive to make use of optimization that exploits as many degrees of freedom as possible to save transportation cost. We(More)
This paper illustrates how operations research can be applied to large-scale maritime crude oil transportation. The more the industry strives to improve the efficiency of their supply chains the more complex and involved planning tasks become. Crude oil tanker routing and scheduling is a good example for a highly complex planning problem in the petroleum(More)
INTRODUCTION Atrium and B-type natriuretic peptides (ANP and BNP) and big endothelin (ET)-1 are markers for severity of heart failure and may be used in the quality assessment of donor hearts. Elevated cardiac troponins predict early graft failure after heart transplantation. This study evaluated the effects of acute brain death (BD) on the release of ANP,(More)
  • F Hennig
  • 1992
Fractures at the C3-C7 level present primarily diagnostic problems. If instability is certain, therapy is simple: using an image intensifier, dislocation is reduced under general anesthesia and relaxation, and later secured by anterior interbody fusion. Compound fractures demand total resection of the vertebral body and its (autologous) replacement. Plating(More)
In Germany the decision to implant a bipolar prosthesis in patients with femoral neck fracture depends mainly on the patient's age and general condition. Taking into account the clinical results to date, however, these criteria alone appear not to be adequate. In our hospital 182 patients were provided with a bipolar prosthesis between January 1986 and(More)
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