Frank Hennig

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BACKGROUND Conventional nails rely on interlocking screws for axial and rotational stability. Such screws have poor fixation in patients with poor bone quality (osteopenia). The Fixion nail does not depend on interlocking screws-axial and rotational stability is instead achieved by nail expansion. Therefore, this nail may be better suited for patients with(More)
The maritime oil tanker routing and scheduling problem is known to the literature since before 1950. In the presented problem, oil tankers transport crude oil from supply points to demand locations around the globe. The objective is to find ship routes, load sizes, as well as port arrival and departure times, in a way that minimizes transportation costs. We(More)
The split pickup split delivery crude oil tanker routing and scheduling problem is a difficult combinatorial optimization problem, both theoretically and practically. However, because of the large expenses in crude oil shipping it is attractive to make use of optimization that exploits as many degrees of freedom as possible to save transportation cost. We(More)
This paper illustrates how operations research can be applied to large-scale maritime crude oil transportation. The more the industry strives to improve the efficiency of their supply chains the more complex and involved planning tasks become. Crude oil tanker routing and scheduling is a good example for a highly complex planning problem in the petroleum(More)
An attempt at provoking gestosis by constricting the uterine artery was made using pregnant rats and rabbits. The experiment failed. Reducing the circulation by means of Z-sutures in the region of the nidation site failed to produce symptoms of gestosis also. The result of the uterine manipulations was abortion and intra-uterine retardation of the product(More)
For the last 28 years condylar upper arm fractures have been treated at the Department of Surgery of Erlangen University mainly via the extention after Baumann. 182 cases out of 306 were followed up clinically. Extension treatment after Baumann is a technically simple procedure and offers the possibility of continual control and correction of repositioning.(More)
Fusarium oxysporum und Fusarium proliferatum sind wichtige Erreger der Kronen- und Wurzelfäule an Spargel. Um Unterschiede in der Pathogenität und Aggressivität zu detektieren, wurden sowohl Einsporisolate von zwei F. proliferatum- und fünf F. oxysporum-Herkünften aus Spargelstangen aus österreichischen und deutschen Anlagen, als auch Reinkulturen von(More)
Plastic surgery of extensor tendon after Snow for secondary removal of buttonhole deformity yields good results similar to those obtained by the method after Matev while being simpler to perform within a shorter time. However, success of surgery depends decisively on the preoperative free passive mobility of the joints of the finger concerned.