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A fully re-configurable channel select filter is presented which is used as a part of a multi mode direct conversion receiver. The filter supports different modes including GSM, IS-95, and UMTS. A 4 th order Butterworth filter is realized in a g m C filter topology. The filter circuit is implemented in a standard 0.35 µm CMOS process. The filter is able to(More)
With the objective of designing a transceiver IC for multi mode operation, the RF requirements for the whole transceiver from antenna to baseband are derived from the UMTS-and GSM-standards. The RF-parameters found for the overall system are broken down to building block level. The boundary conditions for the transceiver IC were defined using specifications(More)
Concepts and techniques for re-configurability in mobile wireless terminals are presented which can be used in future SDR terminals. The techniques are used to obtain a multi-mode operation, so that a mobile terminal can support different wireless standards with the same hardware platform. This is demonstrated first by using UMTS and its extension as well(More)
This paper analyzes and compares the mixed-signal modeling approaches (conservative, timed data flow, and event-driven, as well as the baseband modeling approach) through the hierarchical behavioral modeling of a GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver front-end. Based on the result of the comparison, one hierarchical modeling flow is finally(More)
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