Frank Henkel

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We report the observation of entanglement between a single trapped atom and a single photon at remote locations. The degree of coherence of the entangled atom-photon pair is verified via appropriate local correlation measurements, after communicating the photon via an optical fiber link of 300 m length to a receiver 3.5 m apart. In addition, we measured the(More)
A fully re-configurable channel select filter is presented which is used as a part of a multi mode direct conversion receiver. The filter supports different modes including GSM, IS-95, and UMTS. A 4 order Butterworth filter is realized in a gmC filter topology. The filter circuit is implemented in a standard 0.35 μm CMOS process. The filter is able to(More)
We experimentally demonstrate a detection scheme suitable for state analysis of single optically trapped atoms in less than 1 μs with an overall detection efficiency η exceeding 98%. The method is based on hyperfine-state-selective photoionization and subsequent registration of the correlated photoion-electron pairs by coincidence counting via two opposing(More)
This paper analyzes and compares the mixed-signal modeling approaches (conservative, timed data flow, and event-driven, as well as the baseband modeling approach) through the hierarchical behavioral modeling of a GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver front-end. Based on the result of the comparison, one hierarchical modeling flow is finally(More)
Sewing of textile preforms offers a lot of opportunities for the future production of FRP parts. Although out of plane properties and damage tolerance abilities of the preform improve by stitching, stitching degrades the in plane properties of the preform. The choice of material and process parameters is crucial to realise the benefits of stitching. This(More)
The fixing shoe with rolling sole (arthrodesis shoe) serves to ensure pain-free or at least tolerably painless walking in case of changes due to arthrosis or lesion sequelae in the ankle joints or the tarsus. This is achieved by means of a high shaft of adequate strength, an accurate bedding of the foot, and a rolling sole with sufficient lift at the tip.(More)
A radiation furnace that covers the temperature range from room temperature up to 1800 K has been designed and constructed for in situ synchrotron microtomography. The furnace operates under a vacuum or under any inert gas atmosphere. The two 1000 W halogen heating lamps are water- and air-cooled. The samples are located at the focus of these lamp(More)
Concepts and techniques for re-configurability in mobile wireless terminals are presented which can be used in future SDR terminals. The techniques are used to obtain a multimode operation, so that a mobile terminal can support different wireless standards with the same hardware platform. This is demonstrated first by using UMTS and its extension as well as(More)
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