Frank Heinemann

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This paper explores predictability of behavior in coordination games with multiple equilibria. In a laboratory experiment we measure subjects’ certainty equivalents for three coordination games and one lottery. Attitudes towards strategic uncertainty in coordination games are related to risk aversion, experience seeking, gender and age. From the(More)
The main result of Morris and Shin (2002)–restated in papers by Amato, Morris, and Shin (2002) and Amato and Shin (2003) and commented upon by the Economist (2004)–has been presented and interpreted as an anti-transparency result: more public information can be bad. However, some scrutiny of the result shows that it is actually pro transparency: except in(More)
The theory of global games has shown that coordination games with multiple equilibria may have a unique equilibrium if certain parameters of the payoff function are private information instead of common knowledge. We report the results of an experiment designed to test the predictions of this theory. Comparing sessions with common and private information,(More)
Global games are widely used to predict behaviour in games with strategic complementarities and multiple equilibria. We establish two results on the global game selection. First, we show that it is independent of the payoff functions of the global game embedding, though (as is well-known) it may depend on the noise distribution. Second, we give a simple(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with COPD and chronic hypercapnic respiratory failure (CHRF) are at high risk, and noninvasive ventilation at home is increasingly being used. Knowledge of prognostic parameters under these conditions is limited but may be clinically helpful and highlight the role of noninvasive ventilation. METHODS In 188 patients with COPD (mean +/-(More)
We experiment on a coordination game with uncertainty about payoffs.This game is closely related to models used in macroeconomic and financial applications to solve equilibrium indeterminacy. Subjects receive noisy signals about the true payoffs. The unique equilibrium is reached by iterative deletion of strictly dominated strategies. Over time actual(More)
OBJECTIVE The role of non-invasive positive pressure ventilation (NPPV) in stable COPD with chronic ventilatory failure remains controversial. The impact of long-term home nocturnal NPPV treatment on deflation has not yet been evaluated in detail. METHODS Retrospective explorative study of 46 patients with stable COPD undergoing NPPV treatment. Effects of(More)