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A persistent problem of psychology has been how to deal conceptually with patterns of interdependent properties. This problem has been central , of course, in the theoretical treatment by Gestalt psychologists of phenomenal or neural configurations or fields (12, 13, 15). It has also been of concern to social psychologists and sociologists who attempt to(More)
In this paper w e discuss a generalization of the familiar concept of an interval graph that arises naturally in scheduling and allocation problems. We define the interval number of a graph G to be the smallest positive integer t for which there exists a function f which assigns to each vertex u of G a subset f(u) of the real line so that f(u) is the union(More)
This study shows several ways that formal graph theoretic statements map patterns of network ties into substantive hypotheses about social cohesion. If network cohesion is enhanced by multiple connections between members of a group, for example, then the higher the global minimum of the number of independent paths that connect every pair of nodes in the(More)