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Cloud service brokerage has been identified as a key concern for future cloud technology development and research. We compare service brokerage solutions. A range of specific concerns like architecture, programming and quality will be looked at. We apply a 2-pronged classification and comparison framework. We will identify challenges and wider research(More)
Integration and mediation are two core functions that a cloud service broker needs to perform. The description of services involved plays a central role in this endeavour to enable services to be considered as commoditised utilities. We propose a conceptual framework for a cloud service broker based on two parts: a reference architecture for cloud brokers(More)
Cloud service brokerage has been identified as a key concern for future Cloud technology research and development. Integration, customization, and aggregation are core functions of a Cloud service broker. The need to cater to horizontal and vertical integration in service description languages, horizontally between different providers and vertically across(More)
With an increasing number of service providers in the cloud market, the competition between these is also increasing. Each provider attempts to attract customers by providing a high quality service with lowest possible cost and at the same time trying to make profit. Often, cloud resources are advertised and brokered in a spot market style, i.e., traded for(More)
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