Frank Flemisch

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The increasing traffic volume confronts the road user with a challenging task. The high number of traffic deaths might not be reducible with passive safety alone. However systems that actively influence the guidance of vehicles, like assistance and automation systems, can make a difference towards higher safety, comfort and efficiency. Some of these systems(More)
In this paper, the theater-system technique, a method for agile designing and testing of system behavior and interaction concepts is described. The technique is based on the Wizard-of-Oz approach, originally used for emulating automated speech recognition, and is extended towards an interactive, user-centered design technique. The paper describes the design(More)
Progress enables the creation of more automated and intelligent machines with increasing abilities that open up new roles between humans and machines. Only with a proper design for the resulting cooperative human–machine systems, these advances will make our lives easier, safer and enjoyable rather than harder and miserable. Starting from examples of(More)
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