Frank Fiedler

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In 1999, Davis and Jedwab gave an explicit algebraic normal form for m!/2 - 2<sup>h(m+1)</sup> ordered Golay pairs of length 2<sup>m</sup>middot over Z<sub>2</sub>h, involving m!/2 - 2<sup>h(m+1)</sup> Golay sequences. In 2005, Li and Chu unexpectedly found an additional 1024 length 16 quaternary Golay sequences. Fiedler and Jedwab showed in 2006 that these(More)
In 1999, Davis and Jedwab gave a direct construction of Golay complementary sequences over Zopf<sub>2</sub> <sup>h</sup> of length 2 <sup>m</sup>. Recently, Li and Chu found 1024 more quaternary Golay complementary sequences of length 16, that cannot be obtained by the direct construction, using exhaustive computer enumeration. It is shown how these(More)
The ability to deal with uncertain information is becoming increasingly important for modern database applications. Whereas a conventional (certain) object is usually represented by a vector from a multidimensional feature space, an uncertain object is represented by a multivariate probability density function (PDF). This PDF can be defined either(More)
We argue that a Golay complementary sequence is naturally viewed as a projection of a multidimensional Golay array. We present a three-stage process for constructing and enumerating Golay array and sequence pairs: 1. construct suitable Golay array pairs from lower-dimensional Golay array pairs; 2. apply transformations to these Golay array pairs to generate(More)
In 2007 Jedwab and Parker proposed [10] that the natural viewpoint for a Golay complementary sequence is as a projection of a multi-dimensional Golay array. In 2008 Fiedler, Jedwab and Parker [5] used this viewpoint to show how to construct and enumerate all known 2-phase Golay sequences of length 2, starting from two sources of Golay seed pairs. The first(More)
Hierarchical clustering methods are widely used in various scientific domains such as molecular biology, medicine, economy, etc. Despite the maturity of the research field of hierarchical clustering, we have identified the following four goals which are not yet fully satisfied by previous methods: First, to guide the hierarchical clustering algorithm to(More)
We consider directed strongly regular graphs de2ned in 1988 by Duval. All such graphs with n vertices, n6 20, having a vertex-transitive automorphism group, are determined with the aid of a computer. As a consequence, we prove the existence of directed strongly regular graphs for three feasible parameter sets listed by Duval. For one parameter set a(More)
This paper presents a highly efficient processor design methodology based on the LISA 2.0 language. Typically the architecture design phase is dominated by an iterative processor model refinement based on the results of hardware and software simulation and profiling. Thus, traditionally huge teams of hardware and software experts are required to design new(More)
Wesley College is a private, primarily undergraduate minority-serving institution located in the historic district of Dover, Delaware (DE). The College recently revised its baccalaureate biological chemistry program requirements to include a one-semester Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences course and project-based experiential learning courses using(More)