Frank Ferrandino

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ABSTRACT Five areas in urban Miami were identified to study the spread of Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. citri to determine if the practice of removing exposed citrus trees within 38.1 m of trees affected by citrus canker was adequate to curtail further bacterial spread. To accomplish this, 18,769 trees in dooryards were surveyed, geo-referenced by differential(More)
Comparing treatment effects by hypothesis testing is a common practice in plant pathology. Nearest percent estimates (NPEs) of disease severity were compared with Horsfall-Barratt (H-B) scale data to explore whether there was an effect of assessment method on hypothesis testing. A simulation model based on field-collected data using leaves with disease(More)
Recent epidemiological studies have highlighted higher risk of subsequent development of atherosclerotic disease in patients with deep venous thrombosis (DVT). We evaluated the Flow Mediated Dilation (FMD) looking for arterial endothelial dysfunction, predictive for future ischaemic cardiovascular events, in patients with idiopathic DVT. FMD was measured in(More)
Citrus canker assessment data were used to investigate effects of using the Horsfall-Barratt (H-B) scale to estimate disease compared to direct estimation to the nearest percent. Twenty-eight raters assessed each of two-hundred infected leaves (0–38% true diseased area). The data were converted to the H-B scale. Correlation (r) showed that direct estimates(More)
The authors report the ovarian dermoid echopatterns observed in 189 cases. The ultrasonic key of the diagnosis is a particular "pearly-gray" colour. The early diagnosis by USG gives the Gynecologist some advantages in: a) avoiding the operation in those cases of small mass; b) making a pfammenstiel incision in the surgical operation; c) trying a(More)