Frank E Wilklow

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The metabolic abnormalities associated with diabetes mellitus result in macrovascular and microvascular complications in multiple organ systems; it is the cardiovascular impact that accounts for the greatest morbidity and mortality associated with this disease. Heart failure, both with reduced and preserved systolic function, is a major complication,(More)
A 41-year-old man, known to be HIV positive for at least 3 years (CD4 count on this admission, 134/mm3; reference, 228–2290), presented with a 2-week history of sore throat, dysphagia, odynophagia, change in his voice, fatigue, and exertional dyspnea. Only later did he admit to having 4 to 6 large watery stools per day for the same length of time. An(More)
A 43-year-old man came to the hospital because of increasing dyspnea for two weeks. At age nine months the patient was evaluated for failure to thrive, and a diagnosis of valvular aortic stenosis was made. At operation the aortic stenosis was found to be supravalvular, and the ascending aorta was enlarged with a Teflon patch, the proximal end of which was(More)
A 64-year-old woman had been experiencing short episodes of rapid regular heart beating for nearly a year. The bouts became frequent and lengthy, resulting in a hospital admission a month earlier when intravenously administered adenosine terminated an episode. She was discharged on diltiazem, but the bouts of tachycardia continued and were accompanied by(More)
Corresponding author: D. Luke Glancy, MD, 7300 Lakeshore Drive, #30, New Orleans, Louisiana 70124 (e-mail: W ithin a week of this patient’s birth, a physician discovered a loud systolic murmur. When the patient was 14 years old, the murmur disappeared. He developed a second murmur when in his mid-30s. At age 43, some 6 months before(More)