Frank E Reardon

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The Texas Supreme Court has issued its long-awaited ruling in Miller v. HCA (Texas Supreme Court No. 01-0079 September 30, 2003) the case in which a Houston jury had awarded $60 million in real and punitive damages to a Texas couple whose 23-week, 615-g infant was resuscitated over the parents’ objections. The state Supreme Court upheld the 2-1 finding of(More)
Three state court decisions since 1983 that approved the withholding or withdrawal of artificial feeding are discussed. In Barber v. Superior Court, the California Court of Appeal dismissed a murder indictment against two physicians who, at the request of the family, had removed a comatose man's respirator and intravenous (IV) feeding lines. The ruling,(More)
In summary, cardiac surgery for adults with mental retardation raises a series of controversial legal, economic, ethical, medical, and nursing dilemmas. During the past 20 years, many improvements have taken place in the care of these patients. However, in the future, judicial and statutory mandates requiring high-quality medical care for persons with(More)
Despite a plethora of articles and now a book on the topic of physician refusal of ineffective or so-called “futile” treatment, there is still no definitive court ruling on the subject nor a consensus in the bioethics or medical communities on the issue. What is involved in the dispute is not only the limits, if any, of patient or parental determination of(More)
During the past 10 years, the issues surrounding the right to refuse various forms of treatment have remained complex, and the development of appropriate societal responses has become more elusive. This article considers the role that the judiciary, the legislature, and the legal profession have played in the resolution of these medical, legal, and ethical(More)