Frank D Goebel

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BACKGROUND T-cell mediated immunity likely plays an important role in controlling HIV-1 infection and progression to AIDS. Several candidate vaccines against HIV-1 aim at stimulating cellular immune responses, either alone or together with the induction of neutralizing antibodies, and assays able to measure CD8 and CD4 T-cell responses need to be(More)
Background: Long-term survival of HIV-1 infected individuals is usually achieved by continuous administration of combination antiretroviral therapy (ART). An exception to this scenario is represented by HIV-1 infected nonprogressors (NP) which maintain relatively high circulating CD4+ T cells without clinical symptoms for several years in the absence of(More)
The majority of HIV-infected inpatients are treated in departments of internal medicine. For the conditions of the west-german health service it was studied, if and how psychiatric symptoms of HIV-positive inpatients of a University Hospital for internal medicine require a psychiatrist. The evaluation of the suicide risk and psychopharmacological treatment(More)
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