Frank D. Bramkamp

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In this paper we present the main conceptual ingredients and the current state of development of the new solver QUADFLOW for large scale simulations of compressible fluid flow and fluid–structure interaction. In order to keep the size of the discrete problems at every stage as small as possible for any given target accuracy, we employ a multiresolution(More)
In the numerical simulation of inviscid and viscous compressible fluid flow, implicit Newton-Krylov methods are frequently used. A crucial ingredient of Krylov subspace methods is the evaluation of the product of the Jacobian matrix of the spatial operator, e.g., fluxes, and a Krylov vector. In this article we consider a matrix-free implementation of the(More)
In the framework of this paper, the basic concepts and preliminary results of a new ow solver, which employs locally h-adaptive grids with hanging nodes, are presented. The new method consists of an integrated framework, including a novel grid generation using B-Splines, advanced adaptation criteria based on multiscale analysis and a ow solver which is(More)
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