Frank Chun Yat Li

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Triggering shortcuts or actions on a mobile device often requires a long sequence of key presses. Because the functions of buttons are highly dependent on the current application's context, users are required to look at the display during interaction, even in many mobile situations when eyes-free interactions may be preferable. We present Virtual Shelves, a(More)
Current soft QWERTY keyboards often consume a large portion of the screen space on portable touchscreens. This space consumption can diminish the overall user experi-ence on these devices. In this paper, we present the 1Line keyboard, a soft QWERTY keyboard that is 140 pixels tall (in landscape mode) and 40% of the height of the native iPad QWERTY keyboard.(More)
Accessing the advanced functions of a mobile phone is not a trivial task for users with visual impairments. They rely on screen readers and voice commands to discover and execute functions. In mobile situations, however, screen readers are not ideal because users may depend on their hearing for safety, and voice commands are difficult for a system to(More)
Users often engage in tasks that span multiple personal devices. Although many current solutions exist to provide ubiquitous access to one's data, users continue to struggle with cross-device tasks. These solutions often require them to plan ahead for their information needs. In this paper, we present Myngle, a device-agnostic system that lets users quickly(More)
On a touchscreen keyboard, it can be difficult to continuously type without frequently looking at the keys. One factor contributing to this difficulty is called hand drift, where a user’s hands gradually misalign with the touchscreen keyboard due to limited tactile feedback. Although intuitive, there remains a lack of empirical data to describe the effect(More)
PURPOSE This study investigates the type of shoulder conditions presenting to public physiotherapy departments and the outcomes of such presentations. METHODS Demographic, diagnostic, and outcome data were collected from people with shoulder pain presenting to 10 public outpatient physiotherapy services in NSW, Australia, from 1 April 2007 to 30 September(More)
PURPOSE To assess the effects of mobility training on severe burn patients in the Burn Intensive Care Unit (BICU). METHODS This was a retrospective cohort study. Severe burn patients with equal to or more than 50% Total Body Surface Area (TBSA) burns who received early rehabilitation in the BICU were included in this study. Based on the different early(More)
Context menus, most commonly the right click menu, are a traditional method of interaction when using a keyboard and mouse. Context menus make a subset of commands in the application quickly available to the user. However, on tabletop touchscreen computers, context menus have all but disappeared. In this paper, we investigate how to design context menus for(More)
BACKGROUND Diabetes in conjunction with a foot burn can compound the challenges in wound healing; however, the impact of diabetes on outcomes of patients with foot burns has not been examined. METHODS A retrospective notes audit was conducted at the Concord Hospital Burns Unit for patients with foot burns who were admitted from 1(st) January 2012 to(More)