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A new parametrization technique and its applications for general Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces are presented. The new technique extends J. Stam's work by redefining all the eigen basis functions in the parametric representation for general Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces and giving each of them an explicit form. The entire eigenstructure of the(More)
This paper presents a method to simulate the growth of the facial/head model of a person from childhood to adulthood. The method works by generating continuous data of standard landmarks using auto-regressive moving average based on anthropometry of the head/face. The standard landmarks are assigned to the particular head and face, and vertices of the(More)
Two categories of methods for generating detailed animated facial expressions are presented. The first category is to apply pattern functions to the surface of a facial model. The pattern functions allow a user to directly manipulate them and see immediate results, and allow expressive features to be applied to any existing animation or model. The location(More)
Credit networks provide a flexible model of distributed trust, which supports transactions between untrusted counterparties through paths of intermediaries. We extend this model by introducing interest rates (prices on lines of credit), both as a means to incentivize credit issuance and to provide a framework for modeling networks of financial(More)
Presented in this paper is an approach to construct a C 2-continuous surface for a mesh of arbitrary topology. The construction process is subdivision surface based, with modification performed on extraordinary patches to ensure C 2-continuity of the resulting surface. Implementation is easy because modification is patch-based. The resulting surface has an(More)
There are more than 11 million elderly Americans living alone. They belong to a latent risk population that will have emergency situations on a frequent basis. Thus, latent risk populations require constant monitoring. There are many current devices that assist the elderly, but they are not real-time, accessible, or particularly effective. We present a(More)
This paper presents methods for generating 3D facial expressions. The pattern functions are employed to generate detailed, animated facial expressions. The created pattern functions include wrinkle patterns (forehead wrinkle, eye corner wrinkle, cheek wrinkle and frown wrinkle), dimple pattern and eye pouch effect pattern. The pattern functions allow a user(More)
A sharp estimate is given for the first order absolute moment of Meyer-König and Zeller operators M n. This estimate is then used to prove convergence of approximation of a class of absolutely continuous functions by the operators M n. The condition considered here is weaker than the condition considered in a previous paper and the rate of convergence we(More)
The problem of constructing a parametric triangular patch to smoothly connect three surface patches is studied. Usually, these surface patches are defined on different parameter spaces. Therefore, it is necessary to define interpolation conditions, with values from the given surface patches, on the boundary of the triangular patch that can ensure smooth(More)
A local parametrization based curvature computation technique for triangular meshes is presented. The computation process starts with interpolating the interested region of the given mesh with a Loop subdivision surface. The interpolation technique guarantees that the resulting surface reflects the local shape of the mesh, including features such as edges(More)