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In a series of experiments, we assessed the efficacy of using autistic children's aberrant behaviors as reinforcers to increase their correct task responding. In Experiment 1, reinforcer conditions of stereotypy, food, and varied (food or stereotypy) were compared. In Experiment 2, the conditions were delayed echolalia, food, and varied (food or delayed(More)
  • Walter Milon, Alan W. Hodges, J. Walter Milon, Arbindra Rimal, Clyde F. Kiker, Frank Casey
  • 1999
The Everglades/South Florida region is a unique, globally significant ecosystem that has been altered by drainage and water control structures. These alterations have changed the overall quantity, quality, and temporal distribution of freshwater flows and impacted wildlife species throughout the region. Under state and federal legislative directives,(More)
Watchman for their many comments and suggestions, and numerous authors and members of land trusts who gave their time to comment on their research. Abstract: Over the past three decades, the economics profession has developed methods for estimating the public benefits of green spaces, providing an opportunity to incorporate such information into land-use(More)
OBJECTIVE To report on a randomized controlled trial of psychological interventions to promote adjustment in children with congenital heart disease and their families. METHOD Following baseline assessment, 90 children (aged 4-5 years) and their families were randomly assigned to an Intervention or Control group before entering school. 68 (76%) were(More)
Progeroid laminopathies, including Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome (HGPS, OMIM #176670), are premature and accelerated aging diseases caused by defects in nuclear A-type Lamins. Most HGPS patients carry a de novo point mutation within exon 11 of the LMNA gene encoding A-type Lamins. This mutation activates a cryptic splice site leading to the deletion(More)
Pages 72 to 92 have a discussion of bibliogaphic sources, and include extensive references on Farming Abstract.-Sub-Saharan Africa is the only region in the world where per capita food production declined over the last two decades. In most Sub-Saharan countries, per capita calorie intake is below minimal nutritional standards. Demand for food imports is(More)
  • MaryBruce Alford, Frank Casey, +4 authors Katie Theoharides
  • 2009
Acknowledgements The project team thanks the dozens of people in public and private sector organizations who assisted us with collection of land conservation information, including expenditure data, spatial information, policy approaches and cost information, and who participated in online meetings to help interpret the results. We thank the experts in(More)
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