Frank Cano

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It is commonly thought that sweep-back effects would make electromigration (EM) a non-issue in signal lines. However this is only the case when the shape of the positive and negative current pulses are closely matched. Moreover, as performance pressures increase, the peak current values are exceeding the range for which electromigration models are valid.(More)
Interconnect parasitics are dominating circuit performance, signal integrity and reliability in IC design. Copper/low-k process effects are becoming increasingly important to accurately model interconnect parasitics. Even if the interconnect process profile is accurately represented, approximations in parasitic extraction could cause large errors.(More)
Interconnect parasitics are playing a dominant role in determining chip performance and functionality in deep-submicron designs. This problem is compounded by increasing chip frequencies and design complexity. As parasitic coupling capacitances are a significant portion of total capacitance in deep-submicron designs, verification of both performance and(More)
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