Frank C. Wimberly

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A method for control of dynamic systems that uses a large table of precomputed. data is described. The method was developed in the context of controlling legged systems that balance as they nino In particular,a place to put each foot must be chosen by the control system in order to control tipping and forward running velocity. The tabular approach takes(More)
Data sets with many discrete variables and relatively few cases arise in many domains. Several studies have sought to identify the Markov Blanket (MB) of a target variable by filtering variables using statistical decisions for conditional independence and then applying a classifier using the MB predictors. Other studies have applied the PC algorithm or(More)
After reviewing theoretical reasons for doubting that machine learning methods can accurately infer gene regulatory networks from microarray data, we test 10 algorithms on simulated data from the sea urchin network, and on microarray data for yeast compared with recent experimental determinations of the regulatory network in the same yeast species. Our(More)
In this paper we experimentally investigate algorithms that have been proposed for solving the problem of inferring the network of regulatory connections among a set of genes from expression data as measured by microarrays. In particular we test the accuracy of the Reveal algorithm (Liang 1998) and the Bool2 algorithm (Akutsu 2000) using simulated data of(More)
In the spring of 1993 a number of highly used third-party packages were selected for porting to the Cray MPP which was to be delivered to the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center later in the year. Using the T3D Emulator and a cluster of Alpha workstations and eventually the MPP hardware in Eagan and Pittsburgh these packages were successfully reimplemented(More)
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