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The politics of legitimacy : struggles in a Belfast community
Frank Burton, lecturer in sociology at the City University of London, spent the period of September 1 972-April 1 973 in a workingclass Belfast Roman Catholic community, to study the ideologicalExpand
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Ideological Social Relations in Northern Ireland
This paper describes and analyses one form of ideological social relations in Northern Ireland. By ideology I mean those representations of material reality that dominate a group or class'sExpand
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Medical negligence case law
PART I: GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF LAW. Causes of action. Liability in tort. Battery. Negligence. Vicarious liability. Liability in contract. Statutory liability. The Consumer Protection Act 1987. TheExpand
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Carolina Charters (1663, 1665)
The first page of the Carolina charter of 1663. In the charter, Charles II (shown at upper left) conveyed vast lands extending to the Pacific Ocean and including what is now North Carolina to eightExpand
The politics of legitimacy
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Personal Injury Limitation Law
recommended to all personal injury practitioners" Personal & Medical Injuries Law Letter, review of the 1st edition. "warmly recommended to all personal injury lawyers who would prefer to avoid beingExpand
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