Frank Breiter

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Resource reservation in advance (ReRA) enables scheduling and allocation of resources at an early stage in time. This way, the availability of resources can actually be guaranteed for the point in time when the resources are needed. As opposed to that, current reservation protocols such as RSVP perform an "immediate" reservation without advance scheduling.(More)
This paper describes recent experiences with evaluating and implementing advanced internetwork communication protocols on top of ATM. First, performance results with conventional TCP/IP over ATM based on Digital Equipment's Gigaswitch /ATM are reported. It becomes obvious that current protocols must be tuned specifically in order to exploit ATM performance.(More)
Existing reservation protocols such as RSVP implement so-called immediate reservations (ImRe) that are requested and granted just when the resources are actually needed. This paper describes the design, implementation and evaluation of a novel advance reservation protocol. Its major property is that resources are reserved well in advance to the actual usage(More)
This extended abstract describes the general aspects of resource reservation in advance (ReRA) in networks, and presents an approach of a realization of ReRA in ATM. Particular emphasis is put on the problem of the negotiation of the appropriate ReRA-connection parameters in ATM in conjunction with an extended admission control algorithm. INTRODUCTION AND(More)
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