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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is considering the use of the 5091-5150 megahertz (MHz) band for a future Airport Network and Location Equipment (ANLE) system. ANLE is visualized as a high-integrity, high-data-rate wireless local area network (WLAN) for the airport area, with terminals on the ground and on taxiing aircraft. The same frequency(More)
A nationwide aeronautical data communications network for air traffic services is being planned for en route implementation beginning in 2018. Operating the network will require tradeoffs between spectrum conservation and interference prevention. While it may not be possible to preclude radio-frequency interference entirely, it is important to keep(More)
This paper investigates the feasibility of operating future terrestrial air/ground control links for unmanned aircraft (UA) systems (UAS) in the 5030–5091 MHz band. Any new service proposed for this band must be compatible with the existing Microwave Landing System (MLS) and with the aeronautical-mobile satellite (route) service (AMS(R)S), which also(More)
The FAA is currently in the process of developing a strategy for the implementation of the Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communications System (AeroMACS) in the National Airspace System (NAS). AeroMACS networks will provide high-data-rate communications in the airport environment in support of Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) operations. At(More)
  • F. Box
  • 2004
Several candidate frequency bands are currently being considered for allocation to future air/ground (A/G) communications systems. This paper presents a methodology for quantitatively comparing the inherent suitability of candidate bands. Attainable link capacity, which varies with carrier frequency and directly affects the overall spectral efficiency of a(More)
A discussion of the development and application of program-controlled circuits in broadcasting, with a description of a general-purpose AAGC amplifier in regular use. T HE PURPOSE OF THIS PAPER is to cover briefly the history of Automatic Audio Gain Controls a t the National Broadcasting Company. With this equipment line levels may be held more constant,(More)