Frank Bolton

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In 50 women with high-risk pregnancies, increased factor-VII consumption, as estimated by the difference between the levels of factor-VIII-related antigen and factor-VIII clotting activity, correlated with the severity of pre-eclampsia, particularly when measured by increases in plasma-urate. Longitudinal studies of the evolution of pre-eclampsia(More)
Three turbidometric methods and one method using ultraviolet spectrophotometry for estimating total cerebrospinal fluid protein have been examined. The necessity for preliminary dialysis renders the ultraviolet method unsuitable for routine use. The turbidometric method of Meulemans (1960) using a sulphosalicylic acid-sodium sulphate precipitating fluid is(More)
DNA restriction endonuclease (Hae III and Hind III) total digest and 16S and 23S ribosomal (r)RNA gene patterns (ribopatterns) were determined for 18 isolates of Campylobacter jejuni from three separate outbreaks of diarrhoea in the north of England. Strains were also characterized by biotyping, serotyping and phage typing. Comparisons of the DNA patterns(More)
Thermal haptics is a potential system output modality for wearable devices that promises to function at the periphery of human attention. When adequately combined with existing attention-governing mechanisms of the human mind, it could be used for interrupting the human agent at a time when the negative influence on the ongoing activity is minimal. In this(More)
Eighteen patients with objective evidence of menorrhagia (more than 80 ml menstrual blood loss) were treated with danazol for twelve weeks. Danazol significantly reduced the menstrual blood loss from 231 +/- 39 ml (mean +/- SEM) to 135 +/- 33 ml in the first treatment month and the mean loss thereafter was only 21 ml and 3 ml for the second and third months(More)