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AIMS This study was to investigate the methanogenic community in a biogas reactor from start-up to acidification conditions. Furthermore, reliability and accuracy of the applied quantitative real-time PCR method (Q-PCR) was briefly evaluated. METHODS AND RESULTS A mesophilic (37 degrees C), maize silage fed, continuously stirred tank reactor was surveyed.(More)
If (X,T) is a measure-preserving system, $ \alpha $ a nontrivial partition of X into two sets and f a positive increasing function defined on the positive real numbers, then the limit inferior of the sequence $ \{2H(\alpha_{0}^{n-1})/f(n)\}_{n=1}^{\infty} $ is greater than or equal to the limit inferior of the sequence of quotients of the average complexity(More)
− The calibration of Laser vibrometer is an increasing demand in industry and research. The equipment suggested for use in particular for high frequency calibration, however, is typically of prototype stage and not commercially available. This is due to the demand of the employed homodyne quadrature method for a certain minimum displacement, typically a(More)
ABSTRACT: We provide an outline of a college-level lecture on systems of differential equations that is intended to offer an alternative, integrative view of the subject. Particular emphasis is placed on the fact that very elementary concepts and insights can be employed to gain access to a very wide range of important applications, including the(More)
Denoting by v ̄ the velocity flow of a classical particle that is subject to a potential V , we demonstrate that the path-integral formalism of non-relativistic quantum mechanics can be obtained by superimposing wave functions that are solutions of a wave equation which in turn directly corresponds to the probability conservation equation div(ψ∗ψv ̄ ) = 0.