Frank Bensberg

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Every modern institution involved in higher education needs a learning management system (LMS) to handle learning and teaching processes. It is necessary to offer e.g. electronic lecture materials to the students for download via the Internet. In some educational contexts, it is also necessary to offer Internet tutorials to be able to give the students more(More)
Open source software (OSS) has become a focal research issue in computer science. One interesting phenomenon in the OSS market is the evolution of dedicated intermediaries, which provide OSS-related services to the OSS community. Prevalently, OSS intermediaries fail to fulfil their financial and nonfinancial goals, such that many of them have vanished from(More)
An interesting phenomenon in the open source software (OSS) market is the evolution of intermediaries, which provide services to the OSS community. A problem of this business model is the lack of appropriate instruments to dismantle coordination problems inherent to the OSS development model. Therefore, this paper proposes a behavioural approach to(More)