Frank Bednarek

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Breathing patterns in preterm infants consist of highly variable interbreath intervals (IBIs) that might originate from nonlinear properties of the respiratory oscillator and its input-output responses to peripheral and central signals. Here, we explore a property of nonlinear control, the potential for large improvement in the stability of breathing using(More)
Prophylactic indomethacin may decrease Severe Intraventricular Hemorrhage (SIVH). Our goal was to develop a predictive model for SIVH using parameters available by six hours of age. De-identified data for preterm infants born ≤ 34 weeks gestational age was abstracted from Vermont Oxford Network database. Using clinical variables available by 6 hrs of age(More)
OBJECTIVE To measure variability among radiologists in the ultrasound diagnosis of nephrocalcinosis in premature infants. METHODOLOGY In this prospective multicenter study, renal ultrasounds were performed on 54 very low birth weight infants using a 5.0- and 7.5-MHz transducer, and these ultrasounds were read independently by three radiologists. kappa(More)
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