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In this paper we discuss a relation between Learning Theory and Regularization of linear ill-posed inverse problems. It is well known that Tikhonov regularization can be profitably used in the context of supervised learning, where it usually goes under the name of regularized least-squares algorithm. Moreover the gradient descent algorithm was studied(More)
In the literature on regularization, many different parameter choice methods have been proposed in both deterministic and stochastic settings. However, based on the available information, it is not always easy to know how well a particular method will perform in a given situation and how it compares to other methods. This paper reviews most of the existing(More)
Gamma band modulations in neural activity have been proposed to mediate attentional processes. To support a causal link between gamma activity and attentional selection, we attempt to evoke gamma oscillations by a 50-Hz subliminal flicker. We find that a subliminal 50-Hz flicker at a target location, before target presentation, speeds up and enhances target(More)
We prove the following estimate for the spectrum of the normalized Laplace operator ∆ on a finite graph G, 1 − (1 − k[t]) 1 t ≤ λ 1 ≤ · · · ≤ λ N −1 ≤ 1 + (1 − k[t]) 1 t , ∀ integers t ≥ 1. Here k[t] is a lower bound for the Ollivier-Ricci curvature on the neighborhood graph G[t] (here we use the convention G[1] = G), which was introduced by Bauer-Jost. In(More)
Visual binding is the process by which the brain groups the elements belonging to one object, whilst segregating them from other scene elements. A computationally parsimonious mechanism of visual binding is the binding-by-synchrony (BBS) hypothesis. According to this hypothesis, detectors that respond to elements of a single object fire in synchrony, while(More)
Kate Hartman is the Distributed Spacecraft Thrust Area Manager for NASA' s Cross Enterprise Technology Development Program. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Astronomy from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Masters of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from John Hopkins University. Ms. Hartman' s primary technical interests are mission(More)
The body schema, a constantly updated representation of the body and its parts, has been suggested to emerge from body part-specific representations which integrate tactile, visual, and proprioceptive information about the identity and posture of the body. Studies using different approaches have provided evidence for a distinct representation of the visual(More)
This paper describes research on the design of a GPS based relative position and attitude sensing mission called Orion. The current Orion design consists of a eet of 6 micro-satellites launched simultaneously into low Earth orbit to demonstrate coordinated attitude control, relative n a vigation and control, and formation initialization techniques in space.(More)
‡e study the ™onvergen™e of regul—rized xewton methods —pplied to nonline—r oper—tor equ—tions in ril˜ert sp—™es if the d—t— —re pertur˜ed ˜y r—ndom noiseF st is shown th—t the expe™ted squ—re error is ˜ounded ˜y — ™onst—nt times the minim—x r—tes of the ™orresponding line—rized pro˜lem if the stopping index is ™hosen using —Epriori knowledge of the(More)