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This paper is concerned with a stochastic model for the spread of an SIR (susceptible ! infective ! removed) epidemic among a closed, nite population that contains several types of individuals and is partitioned into households. Previously obtained probabilistic and inferential results for the model are used to estimate the threshold parameter R , which(More)
The spontaneous development of thyroid gland volume (TGV) during the first 3 months of life was studied in entirely breast-fed infants (n = 21) and compared to those fed an iodine-supplemented formula (n = 19), an iodine-free formula (n = 5), or partially breast-fed in addition to an iodine-free (n = 4) or an iodine-supplemented formula (n = 16). The TGV of(More)
Out of 528 children with Crohn's disease in a Multicenter Paediatric Crohn's Disease Study Group, 37 cases had epithelioid granulomas but did not fulfill defined radiographic criteria of the disease. Follow-up studies including clinical, biochemical, radiological, endoscopic, and histological investigations were done in these patients. Initially, all(More)
Ultrasound for detecting congenital hip dysplasia was performed in 5970 infants, 2121 of whom were reinvestigated. Of those reinvestigated 726 belonged to the screened group not at risk examined as newborns, 70 were infants at risk first investigated as newborns and 363 were infants at risk first examined after the newborn period; the remainder were infants(More)
  • F Ball
  • 1986
The development of highly efficient imaging systems has essentially improved the chance of diagnosis. This has limited the indication of invasive examinations. In the individual case the widespread possibilities of diagnostic procedures require critical choice of adequate methods. Strict criteria should be taken into consideration. If efficiency is(More)
This paper is concerned with Crump–Mode–Jagers branching processes, describing spread of an epidemic depending on the proportion of the population that is vaccinated. Births in the branching process are aborted independently with a time-dependent probability given by the fraction of the population vaccinated. Stochastic monotonicity and continuity results(More)
Lymphangiomatosis of bone is a very rare congenital malformation of lymph vessels. So far 60 patients have been described with this disease (43 children, 17 adults). Radiologically the lymphangiomatous skeletal changes usually consist of circumscribed areas of uni- or multi-focal osteolysis. They may remain asymptomatic for years; in a few cases(More)