Frank B. ter Haar

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In this work we compute the similarity of 3D faces using a set of eight contour curves. These contours were selected and matched using our 3D face matching framework. In previous work, we performed extensive research to the selection of distinctive facial curves for 3D face matching. To relate the performance of several of these curves to other face(More)
Morphable face models have proven to be an effective tool for 3D face modeling and face recognition, but the extension to 3D face scans with expressions is still a challenge. The two main difficulties are (1) how to build a new morphable face model that deals with expressions, and (2) how to fit this morphable face model automatically to new 3D face scans(More)
This paper presents a new multiview alignment algorithm that performs both the coarse and fine alignment of unordered sets of range scans. Our algorithm selects quadruples of range scans, which have feature points of their 2D projections in common. These quadruples are then verified using an Iterative Closest Point (ICP) algorithm. The accepted quadruples(More)