Frank Althof

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INTRODUCTION In recent years a new perforated PDS (poly-p-dioxanon) foil (0.15 mm) has become available and has not yet been proven to be successful in reconstruction of the orbital floor after blow-out-fractures in randomized studies. The main aim of this clinical trial is to compare this new PDS foil with titanium dynamic mesh (0.3 mm) (TD), which is well(More)
Herpes simplex viruses are known to be among the most common disease-causing microorganisms. Their prevalence can exceed 90% depending on the socioeconomic status of the population. Since the number of immunocompromised patients has increased because of the increased incidence in the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and an increase in organ(More)
Herpes-simplex-Viren gehören weltweit zu den häufigsten Krankheitserregern des Menschen mit einer in Abhängigkeit vom sozioökonomischen Status vorhandenen Prävalenz von über 90%. Das Bild der Herpesinfektion hat mit Zunahme der aus unterschiedlichsten Gründen (Organtransplantation, AIDS etc.) immunsupprimierten Patienten deutlich an Vielfalt gewonnen.(More)
AIM OF STUDY To ascertain whether once-only intake of a large amount of alcohol causes measurable effects on the immune system of healthy persons. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Cytokine levels, lymphocyte subpopulations and mitogen stimulation were measured in eleven healthy nonalcohol drinking volunteers (eight men, three women; mean age 30.5 [26-36] years; mean(More)
A protocol for purification of the two-subunit complex of herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) helicase-primase by metal affinity chromatography is presented. In order to bind the enzyme complex consisting of UL5 and UL52 gene functions to the affinity column, the C-terminus of the UL5 gene of HSV-1 strain ANG was fused in-frame with a sequence encoding six(More)
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