Frank A. Weber

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Lentiviral vectors are a powerful tool for the genetic modification of livestock species. We previously generated transgenic founder cattle with lentiviral integrants carrying enhanced green fluorescent protein (EGFP) under the control of the phosphoglycerate kinase (PGK) promoter. In this study, we investigated the transmission of LV-PGK-EGFP integrants(More)
Extension of infection down the medulla of the femur to the supracondylar region may occur in cases of chronic infected total hip arthroplasty. Because this cannot always be identified before operation, the femur should be reamed and flushed proximally from the lateral condyle in all cases where there is suspicion of infection around the femoral component.(More)
Precise calving monitoring is essential for minimizing the effects of dystocia in cows and calves. We conducted two studies in healthy cows that compared seven clinical signs (broad pelvic ligaments relaxation, vaginal secretion, udder hyperplasia, udder edema, teat filling, tail relaxation, and vulva edema) alone and in combination in order to predict the(More)
Single crystals and phase pure samples of oxygen-poor ternary lanthanide oxide selenides with the composition M 10 OSe 14 (M = La–Nd; tetragonal, I4 1 /acd; a = 1592.0–1559.8 pm, c = 2106.5–2062.9 pm) could be obtained by reacting the corresponding metals, selenium and selenium dioxide as oxygen source. Their crystal structures are isotypic with Pr 10 OS 14(More)
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