Frank A. Gilbert

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If and when economic conditions and technological advances become favorable, fungi may some day be significant in furnishing human food through their protein-synthesizing capacity. The yeast, Torulopsis, has already been utilized on a commercial scale in this direction in Germany, Jamaica, South Africa, India, California and Wisconsin.
On Tuesday and Wednesday, August 12 and 13, 1958, a small group of interested scientists met to consider problems of mutual interest in the field of economic botany. The conference had as its goal a diseussion of methods to stimulate greater interest in economic botany, the greater inclusion of economic plants in botanical studies, the methods of financing(More)
The value of sulfur as a plant nutrient and fertilizer ingredient has been grossly underestimated. Although as a constituent of most proteins it was early shown to be essential to plant growth, the amount of the element needed was not fully appreciated until recently (Miller, E. C., 1938). Undoubtedly this neglect has been detrimental to agriculture in some(More)
The Tenth Annual Meeting of The Society for Economic Botany will be held at Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, during April 13-16, 1969. Dr. Ara der Marderosian, College of Pharmacy and Science, Philadelphia, will be in charge of the arrangements for the overall program; and the Symposium is being organized by Dr. George H. M. Lawrence,(More)
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