Frank A. Engel

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Retargetability allows an easy adoption of a simulator on different processor architectures without a time consuming redesign of all tools. This is evident for an efficient HW/SW codesign. In this paper we describe a tool set for fast and easy simulation of processor architectures based on a retargetable simulator core. This approach helps to reduce the(More)
The ongoing advances in semiconductor technology are the en-abler for complete System on Chip (SoC) solutions. In this SoC domain Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) are employed to carry out software driven digital signal processing tasks. Although DSPs could still be modified in the SoC domain, they are mainly employed as fixed DSP cores. Possible(More)
System on a chip (SoC) designs penetrate in an increasing rate the embedded systems market. This affects the consumer market as well as other areas, like automotive or aerospace. As the computational power of CPU cores on such SoC increases, the use of operating systems (OS) as basis for the application becomes more and more an issue. This paper(More)
In this article we present the concept of a FPGA-based GPS receiver architecture with the aim of providing a framework for investigating new receiver architectures for current and upcoming GNSS standards. This development system facilitates researchers to prove new receiver concepts using real signals, which nowadays can only be simulated using tools such(More)
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