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The Synthetic Triterpenoid RTA 405 (CDDO-EA) Halts Progression of Liver Fibrosis and Reduces Hepatocellular Carcinoma Size Resulting in Increased Survival in an Experimental Model of Chronic Liver
CDDO-EA mitigates the progression of liver fibrosis induced by chronic CCl(4) administration, which is associated with the induction of antifibrogenic genes and suppression of profibrogensic genes. Expand
Biosynthesis of the Essential Fatty Acid Oxidation Cofactor Carnitine Is Stimulated in Heart and Liver after a Single Bout of Exercise in Mice
The rapid return of FC levels in plasma after exercise indicates carnitine biosynthesis by liver is stimulated to establish carnitin homeostasis, and suggests that exercise may benefit patients with carnitines deficiency syndromes. Expand
Acute Exercise Stimulates Carnitine Biosynthesis and OCTN2 Expression in Mouse Kidney
The results show that the decrease in free carnitine after exercise rapidly activates carn itine biosynthesis and renal transport mechanism in kidney to establish carnitines homeostasis. Expand
The role of intrahepatic CD3+/CD4-/CD8- double negative T (DN T) cells in enhanced acetaminophen toxicity.
Acetaminophen toxicity is enhanced by the presence of activated, FasL expressing intrahepatic CD3, CD4, CD8, and NK1.1 (-) T cells, which greatly reduces mortality and improves the course of liver injury recovery. Expand