Frank A. Alexander

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SUMMARY The hybrid Markov Chain Monte Carlo technique affords a robust means for sampling multidimen-sional probability density functions with high efficiency, provided one can calculate the gradient of ϕ = minus-log-probability in a time comparable to calculating the probability itself. The latter condition is met using the technique of adjoint(More)
Screening a newly developed drug, food additive or cosmetic ingredient for toxicity is a critical preliminary step before it can move forward in the development pipeline. Due to the sometimes dire consequences when a harmful agent is overlooked, toxicologists work under strict guidelines to effectively catalogue and classify new chemical agents.(More)
Understanding the effect of exogenous substances on human skin is critical for toxicology assessment. To address this, numerous artificial models of the topmost layer of human skin, so-called reconstructed human epidermis (RhE), have been created in an attempt to produce a clear analogue for testing. Unfortunately, current testing modalities still rely on(More)
Dedication This work is dedicated to my mother and father, Frank and Gladys Alexander and my sisters Kimberly and Jalexia Alexander. Thank you for your love and support over the past five years. I'd also like to dedicate this dissertation to the memory of my late grandmother Climmie Rodell Young, who helped to show me the meaning of perserverance.
Primarily composed of cells on a porous membrane embedded in microfluidic channels, organ-on-a-Chip (OOC) models are coming into the spotlight as an innovative, new approach to in vitro modeling. However, more work is required to understand the impact OOCs have on cellular function including basal metabolism, barrier resistance and oxygen consumption.(More)
Environmental problems including water and air pollution, over fertilization, insufficient wastewater treatment and even ecological disaster are receiving greater attention in the technical and scientific area. In this paper, a method for water quality monitoring using living green algae (Chlorella Kessleri) with the help of the intelligent mobile lab(More)
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