Franjo Juretic

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This paper presents a method for detecting holes during the surface wrapping process which cause surface leaks into the volume parts that shall not be meshed. The method solves a heat-diffusion equation on the background octree mesh, which is generated based on user-defined parameters, and its resolution corresponds to the resolution of the wrapper surface(More)
The paper presents an inside-out method for conformal meshing of multiple domains in contact applicable to meshes consisting of arbitrary polyhedra. The method is automatic and does not require high-quality surface triangulation. It is an extension of AVL’s automatic polyhedral mesh generator FAME with an additional step during which the cells are(More)
Meshes consisting of arbitrary polyhedra have gained popularity in the CFD community over the last decade, as a consequence of the advances in the solver technology. Furthermore, polyhedral meshes can be generated by retrieving the dual of a tetrahedral mesh, and there exist many methods which can generate tetrahedral meshes in complex geometries. In(More)
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