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Maternal choline intake modulates maternal and fetal biomarkers of choline metabolism in humans.
BACKGROUND In 1998 choline Adequate Intakes of 425 and 450 mg/d were established for nonpregnant and pregnant women, respectively. However, to our knowledge, no dose-response studies have beenExpand
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Effects of population, age, and cultivation methods on ginsenoside content of wild American ginseng (Panax quinquefolium).
Genotype and environmental effects on ginsenoside content among eight wild populations of American ginseng (Panax quinquefolium) were investigated. Root concentrations of six ginsenosides wereExpand
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Abscisic acid synthesis in Acer rubrum L. leaves: A vapor-pressure-deficit-mediated response
Quantitative differences in leaf abscisic acid (ABA) among Acer rubrum L. (red maple) ecotypes were in- vestigated. This study tested the hypothesis that seedlings from wet and dry maternal sitesExpand
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Response of ozone and nitrate to stationary source NOx emission reductions in the eastern USA
Abstract This study is an assessment of the impact of reduced stationary source NOx emissions on ground-level concentrations of ozone (O3) and dry-NO3 (HNO3(g) + NO3−(p)) in the eastern United StatesExpand
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Reduced Tillage, Rye Residues, and Herbicides Influence Weed Suppression and Yield of Pumpkins1
Field experiments were conducted to study the effects of various tillage and mulching practices on fruit maturity and weed suppression in pumpkins. Conventional tillage (CT), disking, no tillage withExpand
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Maternal choline intake alters the epigenetic state of fetal cortisol‐regulating genes in humans
The in utero availability of methyl donors, such as choline, may modify fetal epigenetic marks and lead to sustainable functional alterations throughout the life course. TheExpand
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In vitro susceptibility patterns of fungi associated with keratomycosis in horses of the northeastern United States: 68 cases (1987-2006).
OBJECTIVE To determine in vitro susceptibility patterns of fungi associated with keratomycosis in horses in the northeastern United States and compare those patterns with results of studies fromExpand
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Influence of container size, location, and time of day on oviposition patterns of the dengue vector, Aedes aegypti, in Thailand.
We conducted a study to determine the effect of container size and location on oviposition site selection by Ae. aegypti in large outdoor field enclosures (10 x 10 x 4 m high). There was a strongExpand
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Heterogeneous Feeding Patterns of the Dengue Vector, Aedes aegypti, on Individual Human Hosts in Rural Thailand
Background Mosquito biting frequency and how bites are distributed among different people can have significant epidemiologic effects. An improved understanding of mosquito vector-human interactionsExpand
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Family income and childhood obesity in eight European cities: the mediating roles of neighborhood characteristics and physical activity.
Utilizing data from the Large Analysis and Review of European Housing and Health Status (LARES) research program conducted by the WHO in eight European cities (Forli, Vilnius, Ferreira do Alentejo,Expand
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