Francois Rohrbach

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Efficient delivery of tumour-associated antigens to appropriate cellular compartments of antigen-presenting cells is of prime importance for the induction of potent, cell-mediated antitumour immune responses. We have designed novel multivalent liposomal constructs that co-deliver the p63-71 cytotoxic T Lymphocyte epitope derived from human ErbB2 (HER2), and(More)
We show that the latest version of massively parallel processing associative string processing architecture (System-V) is applicable for fast Monte Carlo simulation if an effective on-processor random number generator is implemented. Our lagged Fibonacci generator can produce 10 8 random numbers on a processor string of 12K PE-s. The time dependent Monte(More)
In the future, many institutions from countries distributed throughout Europe will be expected to collaborate to provide patient healthcare information in which petabytes of data must be stored. With increasing complexity of the organisation, data and functions of healthcare organisations, information systems need to be increasingly flexible and extensible,(More)
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