Francois Rivet

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This paper presents an ultra low-power integrated interface for capacitive and resistive MEMS and sensors, intended for use in biomedical applications. The interface encodes the sensed data in the time between transmitted UWB pulses: this reduces the number of transmitted bits and benefits the power consumption. The interface was designed and fabricated in(More)
This paper presents the principles of a Sampled Analog Signal Processor (SASP) dedicated to Software Radio mobile device. Many technological bottlenecks are to be overcome. The idea is to design a discrete analog signal processor to challenge theses bottlenecks. The main issue associated with the A/D conversion is thus avoided. The SASP aims to select a(More)
Intrabody communication (IBC) is a promising data communication technique for body area networks. This short-distance communication approach uses human body tissue as the medium of signal propagation. IBC is defined as one of the physical layers for the new IEEE 802.15.6 or wireless body area network (WBAN) standard, which can provide a suitable data rate(More)
This paper presents the design of a balanced logic block that can act as either a delay line or a ring oscillator, with the addition of a voltage controlled element to pave the way for flexibility and tunability. This block is the key element of a Factorial Delay Locked Loop (F-DLL), and its balanced nature allows to significantly reduce the reference(More)