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The next generation of mobile terminals is faced with the emergence of the software-defined radio (SDR) concept. The communication devices tend to provide various wireless services through a multi-functional, multi-mode and multi-standard terminal. The SDR concept aims at designing a re-configurable radio architecture accepting all cellular or noncellular(More)
This paper presents the principles of a Sampled Analog Signal Processor (SASP) dedicated to Software Radio mobile device. Many technological bottlenecks are to be overcome. The idea is to design a discrete analog signal processor to challenge theses bottlenecks. The main issue associated with the A/D conversion is thus avoided. The SASP aims to select a(More)
— The RF transceivers architectures are to integrate the concept of Sotware Radio. But, in the case of mobile terminal, hard constraints are imposed by the factor of mobility. Low power and very complex circuits are claimed by the telecommunication industry. Classical architectures are no more sufficient to challenge this goal. New systems are thus(More)