Francois-René Rideau

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We introduce metaprogramming in a completely informal way, and sketch out a theory of it. We explain why it is a major stake for computing today, by considering the processes underlying software development. We show, from the same perspective, how metaprogramming is related to another challenge of computing, the free availability of the sources of software,(More)
LIL, the Lisp Interface Library, is a data structure library based on Interface-Passing Style. This programming style was designed to allow for parametric polymorphism (abstracting over types, classes, functions, data) as well as ad-hoc polymorphism (incremental development with inheritance and mixins). It consists in isolating al-gorithmic information into(More)
A comparative study (100 treated subjects, 100 controls) was carried out at the Centre Hospitalier at Meaux during the winter of 1984-85 in which pregnant women were given single doses of vitamin D to be taken at the seventh month of pregnancy. The results obtained for neonatal blood calcium levels clearly demonstrated the value of vitamin D supplements in(More)
The medical entity "muscular dystrophy" has been the object of a recent opinion campaign aimed at promoting a law in favour of euthanasia. This disease has become, in the eyes of the public, a media model of a particularly severe and incurable disease. This very widespread statement does not correspond to reality as far as concerns the life of these(More)
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