Francois-René Rideau

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We introduce metaprogramming in a completely informal way, and sketch out a theory of it. We explain why it is a major stake for computing today, by considering the processes underlying software development. We show, from the same perspective, how metaprogramming is related to another challenge of computing, the free availability of the sources of software,(More)
LIL, the Lisp Interface Library, is a data structure library based on Interface-Passing Style. This programming style was designed to allow for parametric polymorphism (abstracting over types, classes, functions, data) as well as ad-hoc polymorphism (incremental development with inheritance and mixins). It consists in isolating al-gorithmic information into(More)
Nous présentons de façoncompì etement informelle la métaprogrammation, dont nous esquissons une théorie. Nous expliquons en quoi elle représente un enjeu majeur pour l'informatique d'aujourd'hui, d` es lors que l'on examine les processus sous-jacents au développement logiciel. Nous montrons par les mêmes considérations, en quoi la métaprogrammation est liéè(More)
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