Francois M. Boisvert

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The ING1 candidate tumor suppressor is downregulated in a variety of primary tumors and established cancer cell lines. Blocking its expression experimentally promotes unregulated growth in vitro and in vivo, using cell and animal models. Alternative splicing products encode proteins that localize to the nucleus, inhibit cell cycle progression and affect(More)
The cell nucleus is increasingly recognized as a spatially organized structure. In this review, the nature and controversies associated with nuclear compartmentalization are discussed. The relationship between nuclear structure and organization of proteins involved in the regulation of RNA polymerase II-transcribed genes is then discussed. Finally, very(More)
Chromatin replication involves duplicating DNA while maintaining epigenetic information. These processes are critical for genome stability and for preserving cell-type identity. Here we describe a simple experimental approach that allows chromatin to be captured and its content analysed after in vivo replication and labeling of DNA by cellular DNA(More)
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