Francois Héran

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The authors report the results of 89 vertebral biopsies performed under CT guidance, classified according to the type of pathology and the site of the lesion. A correct diagnosis was obtained in 89 cases. No complication was observed. The value of CT guidance in vertebral biopsy is emphasized.
We report the cases of five patients who have experienced postoperative diplopia after cataract surgery under peribulbar anaesthesia and in whom orbital Magnetic Resonance Imaging was performed immediately after the diagnosis. In four patients, the imaging study showed a T2 hyper-intensity signal and swelling of one extraocular muscle that was interpreted(More)
Five patients with recent spontaneous or post-traumatic dissection of the internal carotid artery (ICA) were explored by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), using T1-weighted axial sections in all cases. In four patients examined during the subacute phase (after 7 days) the diagnosis of ICA dissection was strongly suspected on the association of a very high(More)
Twenty-seven percutaneous trephine biopsies of thoracic vertebral bodies were performed under CT guidance using a new intertransversocostal approach avoiding the pleura and nerve roots. Accurate diagnosis was obtained in 25 of 27 cases. No complications were encountered.
Two patients treated by chemotherapy for a non-Hodgkin malignant lymphoma developed focal neurological symptoms including disorientation, hemoplegia, and cortical blindness 5 and 15 days after the end of a polychemotherapy course, including methotrexate and vindesine. In both patients ECG and blood pressure were normal. Case 1 had a slight increase of(More)
Pseudotumoral presentation of Neuro-Behçet's disease has been described before. The diagnosis may be difficult obtain in patients without mucosal, cutaneous, and ocular signs. We report the observation of a young patient suffering from a right hemiparesis with computed-tomographic (CT) features suggestive of a thalamocapsular expanding lesion. Histologic(More)
Certainly, France has a long tradition of immigration, but there has been no massive influx for a quarter of a century. In fact, immigration is less a factor in its population growth than that of any other European country—a mere fifth to a quarter (Figures 1 and 2). France has an annual natural increase of 200,000 for an estimated net migration count(More)
This paper presents the SEEDS simulation environment for the evaluation of distributed traffic control systems. Starting with an overview of the general simulator architecture, the software modules and the derived hardware architecture of the simulation environment are described with respect to performance requirements. The communication architecture of the(More)
blished the final version of a bold exercise in population projection: several scenarios of the future of every country in the world to 2300 [1]. According to the study, the world population will continue to grow rapidly until 2075, reaching a historic high of 9.2 billion, compared with 6.4 billion now, and then gradually stabilize at around 9 billion. But(More)