Francois Chan

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— Super-orthogonal space-time trellis codes (SOSTTCs) designed by hand can significantly improve the performance of space-time trellis codes. This paper introduces a new representation of SOSTTCs based on a generator matrix that allows a systematic and exhaustive search of all possible codes. This will verify that some of the known codes are optimal, and(More)
— Emitter localization, using different types of sensors and integrating their output properly can potentially increase localization accuracy. It is relatively easy to measure the received signal strength (RSS), but RSS localization is generally less accurate than angle-of-arrival (AOA) localization in most practical environments. When both RSS and AOA are(More)
—We consider an amplify-and-forward (AF) cooperative diversity network consisting of one source, multiple relays, one destination, and multiple interferers. It is assumed that only partial channel information of the interferers is known at the system. For this scenario, we derive an optimum/suboptimum detection rule. Furthermore, we propose an optimum relay(More)
Prior to signal demodulation, blind recognition of the modulation scheme of the received signal is an important task for intelligent radios in various commercial and military applications such as spectrum management, surveillance of broadcasting activities and adaptive transmission. Antenna arrays provide spatial diversity and increase channel capacity.(More)