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The aim of this Workshop is to promote interdisciplinary discussion among researchers working in areas related to dynamics, chaos and their applications. New results will be presented. It is our intention that the talks be accessible to a wide audience. We are inviting and expect a diverse audience with ample time for scientific exchanges.
We study propagation of pulses along one-way coupled map lattices, which originate from the transition between two superstable states of the local map. The velocity of the pulses exhibits a staircase-like behaviour as the coupling parameter is varied. For a piece-wise linear local map, we prove that the velocity of the wave has a Devil's staircase(More)
  • R Carretero-Gonzá, D K Arrowsmith, F Vivaldi
  • 2000
Multistable coupled map lattices typically support traveling fronts, separating two adjacent stable phases. We show how the existence of an invariant function describing the front profile allows a reduction of the infinitely dimensional dynamics to a one-dimensional circle homeomorphism, whose rotation number gives the propagation velocity. The mode locking(More)
We study the propagation of coherent signals through bistable one-way and diffusive Coupled Map Lattices (CML). We describe a simple mechanism that allows interfaces to travel along the lattice, without damping or dispersion. This mechanism relies on a non-decreasing bistable local map with two stable fixed points. The state of the lattice is then set as a(More)
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