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The philosophy and psychology of character and happiness
Introduction Nancy E. Snow and Franco V. Trivigno Part I: Perspectives on the Moral Psychology of Character and Virtue 1. Following Kurt Lewin Beyond the Situation and the Person C. Daniel Batson 2.Expand
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Paratragedy in Plato's Gorgias
recent scholarship on Plato’s Gorgias has focused on three distinct axes of interpretation: first, the intractability of Callicles as an interlocutor and the limits of Socratic dialectic;2 second,Expand
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Philosophy and the Ordinary: On the Setting of Plato’s Lysis
The prologue of the Lysis is integral to the issues addressed in the dialogue, as it illustrates an ordinary concern, friendship, which in fact gives rise to extraordinary philosophical analysis andExpand
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A Virtue Ethical Case for Pacifism
In this chapter I argue that the military’s attempt to instill in its soldiers a willingness to commit deadly violence morally harms them. This harm provides the impetus for a virtue ethical argumentExpand
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Tell H. Plato's Counterfeit Sophists (Hellenic Studies 44). Cambridge MA: Harvard University Press, 2011. Pp. viii + 177. £18.95. 9780674055919.
Thus, to sum up, this book may be interesting for anyone revelling in the Straussian deconstruction of a text into smallest intertextual hints and paradoxes, and may, at the same time, be anExpand
Sophistic Argument
The Classical Review vol. 61 no. 2 © The Classical Association 2011; all rights reserved but not vice versa. According to this interpretation Aristotle’s criterion turns out to be a specialExpand