Franco Tubaro

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Recovery of apple trees from apple proliferation was studied by combining ultrastructural, cytochemical, and gene expression analyses to possibly reveal changes linked to recovery-associated resistance. When compared with either healthy or visibly diseased plants, recovered apple trees showed abnormal callose and phloem-protein accumulation in their leaf(More)
A competition kinetics procedure for measuring plasma antioxidant capacity is described. This procedure is based on the "crocin bleaching test" (Bors, W., et al. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 796:312-319; 1984) modified for analyzing the antioxidant capacity of complex mixtures (Tubaro, F., et al. J. Am. Oil Chem. Soc. 73:173-179; 1996). The information produced(More)
The roles played by various determinants in physiological, pathological or experimental calcification are still unclear. In this investigation, new insights were gained into structural changes occurring in porcine aortic valves undergoing mineralization in the rat subdermal model and then subjected to reactions with cationic phthalocyanines (PHTs), at(More)
Nutritional quality parameters, microbiological and technological quality indicators (condition index, meat yield and water-holding capacity) of blue mussel, Mytilus galloprovincialis, reared in the North Adriatic Sea were characterised at monthly intervals over a 1 year period. Contents of protein (7.5-11.6 g/100 g), lipid (1.0-2.2 g/100 g) and ash(More)
The role of polyphenols in human nutrition is discussed on the basis of their redox chemistry, which accounts for the observed antioxidant effect and in turn for their protective effect against atherosclerosis. Epidemiologic data, together with experimental pathology and cell biology, support the recommendation that optimal nutrition should contain(More)
Detailed characterization of the subdermal model is a significant tool for better understanding of calcification mechanisms occurring in heart valves. In previous ultrastructural investigation on six-week-implantated aortic valve leaflets, modified pre-embedding glutaraldehyde-cuprolinic-blue reactions (GA-CB) enabled sample decalcification with concurrent(More)
Metastatic calcification of cardiac valves is a common complication in patients affected by chronic renal failure. In this study, primary bovine aortic valve interstitial cells (AVICs) were subjected to pro-calcific treatments consisting in cell stimulation with (i) elevated inorganic phosphate (Pi = 3 mM), to simulate hyperphosphatemic conditions; (ii)(More)
Evidence is accumulating that postprandial phenomena play a role in atherogenesis. Dietary lipid hydroperoxides that escape from the gastrointestinal barrier can be incorporated into plasma lipoproteins, leading to a modified form of LDL (LDL minus). The present human study was designed to investigate the effect of selenium supplementation on the formation(More)
In this paper, both biochemical and immunochemical evidence for the presence of lipoxygenase (LOX) in plant mitochondria is presented. Highly purified pea (Pisum sativum L., cv. Alaska) mitochondria show LOX activity, evaluated as conjugated diene formation, oxygen consumption, and hydroperoxide formation. Both 9- and 13-hydroperoxy-octadecadienoic acids(More)