Franco Strocchi

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The problems of relativistic quantum mechanics (RQM) may look (at least partly) obsolete, but since the solution o ered by quantum eld theory (QFT) is now challenged by more radical ideas (like string theory and/or non commutative space time), it is perhaps worthwhile to critically reexamine the conceptual motivations for the birth of QFT. The di culties of(More)
Despite its successes, the theory of superselection sectors still needs extending if it is to cover all cases of physical interest. Even if we restrict our attention to four spacetime dimensions, the two cases that have been treated successfully, localized charges [1] and cone–localized charges [2], do not include the physically relevant class of theories(More)
The growing agreement toward the conservative treatment of primary megaureter (PM) is supported by the increasingly frequent reports in the literature of spontaneous resolution of this pathology after few years of attendance. If the PM is asymptomatic without the presence of parenchymatous damage, and the diuretic scintiscan does not show a definite(More)
A functional integral representation is given for a large class of quantum mechanical models with a non{L 2 ground state. As a prototype the particle in a periodic potential is discussed: a unique ground state is shown to exist as a state on the Weyl algebra, and a functional measure (spectral stochastic process) is constructed on trajectories taking values(More)
The classical Maxwell–Dirac and Maxwell–Klein–Gordon theories admit solutions of the field equations where the corresponding electric current vanishes in the causal complement of some bounded region of Minkowski space. This poses the interesting question of whether states with a similarly well localized charge density also exist in quantum electrodynamics.(More)
By introducing the concepts of asymptopia and bi–asymptopia, we show how braided tensor C–categories arise in a natural way. This generalizes constructions in algebraic quantum field theory by replacing local commutativity by suitable forms of asymptotic Abelianness. Supported in part by the MURST, CNR-GNAFA, INdAM-GNAMPA and the European Union under(More)